Service and Pricing

We can custom process your sheep and/or alpaca fibers into yarn using the semi-worsted process.

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Mill Service Information

Olympic Yarn & Fiber yarn ball icon Custom yarn production from your own fibers

Olympic Yarn & Fiber yarn ball icon Minimum 3-inch staple required for 100% alpaca yarn

Olympic Yarn & Fiber yarn ball icon We stock sheep and alpaca fibers that can be purchased for blending

Olympic Yarn & Fiber yarn ball icon 8-pound clean weight minimum per yarn run (approx. 12.5 lbs raw sheep wool or 9 lbs raw alpaca before washing)

Olympic Yarn & Fiber yarn ball icon We can produce suri alpaca yarns – contact Lina to discuss your project and receive a price quote

Olympic Yarn & Fiber yarn ball icon I am happy to discuss ideas and suggestions for the best uses of your fiber

Important Mill Processing Information

Orders are processed in the order received after the fiber arrives at the mill. We typically complete orders within 4 to 6 months.

Fiber that is less than 3 inches in staple length may not draft properly and may create slubs in the final yarn.

If there is vegetable matter (vm) in your fleece, there will be vm in your yarn. Even though vm falls out at every stage of processing, processing will not remove 100%.

Properly preparing your fleece before submitting it for processing will create the best possible yarn and maximize your profit. We do not provide fleece preparation services. We process what you give us.

Please contact me if you have questions about proper fleece preparation. Fleeces that cannot be mill processed will be returned to you unprocessed at your expense.

  1. Lay the fleece out on a table with the cut side down.
  2. Check for moth larvae or moth casings. Do not send fiber with moths or moth casings, it will be returned to you unprocessed at your expense, and you may be charged an additional fee for fumigation.
  3. Check samples in at least six different places on the fleece to see if your fiber is tender and prone to breakage. To do this, first pull on the hair at the nape of your neck until it hurts, this is the amount of force you will use to perform the test. Now hold the ends of a sample of fiber between your fingers and stretch it out using the same force as you did when pulling your own hair. If the fiber breaks, or you hear crackling, the fiber is too weak for mill production.
  4. Remove any undesirable fiber (usually located around the edge of your fleece blanket) and large debris. Remember, whatever you submit to the mill will also be in your yarn. Fleece with excessive vegetable matter will not be processed. If you are unsure, please send me a photo before submitting your fiber.
  5. Flip the fleece over so the cut side is up. Again, check for moths or moth casings, and remove any short second cuts and remaining debris.
  6. When choosing which fleeces to put together for a yarn run, select fleeces that have a similar staple length (no more than 1 to 1.5 inch difference) and are the same grade.
  7. To maximize the quality of your yarn, we highly recommend that you have your fleeces sorted and classed by a professional sorter.


Fiber Submission Form

Please download our Fiber Submission Form, print and fill out separate forms for each yarn run requested, and send the completed form(s) with your fiber.

Mill Pricing

Washing = $7 per pound based on incoming weight for alpaca and most wool fibers. $9 per pound for merino family wools or any fiber that is extra greasy.

Prices listed here are for most sheep wool and huacaya alpaca yarns. Please inquire for Suri yarn pricing. When submitting your order, you can choose from the specifications listed below, or we will custom spin to any yarn specification and/or any packaging size you would like, if possible within our machine parameters. Simply tell us your exact desired yarn weight/ply and desired packaging specifications, and we will gladly send you a price quote for anything not listed here.
 2-ply fingering
(~380 yards/100g)
2-ply sport
(~280 yards/100g)
3-ply DK
(~220 yards/100g)
3-ply worsted
(~180 yards/100g)
3-ply bulky
(~150 yards/100g)
50g Skeins*N/A$38/lb$39/lb$37/lbN/A
100g Skeins*$37/lb$35/lb$36/lb$34/lb$32/lb
*Skein circumference is fixed at 1.5 yards.